COVID-19 Safety Precautions

What we are doing to keep YOU and Our Team Safe

We are excited to have the opportunity to welcome you back!  While many things have changed in the last few months, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety.  Our office has always utilized personal protective equipment (PPE) that has exceeded all the CDC guidelines, however, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have instituted additional guidelines and protocols to ensure your safety.

Here are just a few of the enhanced precautions we are taking to protect your health:

  1. Installation of Hospital Grade HEPA Air Filters in each operatory

SURGICALLY CLEAN AIR JADE units have been strategically placed in all the operatories and the office common space.  These units contain HEPA-Rx filters that remove 99.998% of particles at 0.1 microns, and 99.2% at 0.0025 microns and contain 6 distinct stages that remove particles including Odors, Gases, Mold, Allergens, and Viruses.

  1. Enhanced elimination of airborne aerosols during all dental procedures

ADS Extraoral Dental Suction System units will be used in each operatory for airborne aerosol generating procedures.  These units have their own medical grade filtration system built in.

  1. Sanitizing Fogger

Operatories will be fogged between each patient appointment using an ultra-low volume fogger and electrolyzed water (also known as hypochlorous acid or HOCL).This is currently used in many industries including the food industry, grocery stores for food sanitation, hospitals and health care facilities.HOCL is an effective disinfectant and is currently on the EPA list as an effective agent against the human coronavirus and considered safe in and on food, dairy and potable water.

  1. New patient screening measures

Our office will communicate with you beforehand to ask some screening questions.You will also be asked the same screening questions on the day when you come to the office.

We will take the temperature of every patient entering the office using a touchless thermometer.We will do the same for all dental staff members.Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 Fahrenheit will not be allowed to enter and will have to be rescheduled.

  1. Requirement to wear a face mask when entering the office

Patients and dental staff will be wearing facemasks at all times when in the office.You will be directed to remove your mask when dental evaluation and treatment is to begin.When treatment is completed, you will be directed to place your face mask back on.

  1. Social Distancing within the office

Patients will be asked not to bring others into the office unless they are parents or guardians of patients who are minors or are special needs patients.If someone accompanies a patient, they will be asked to wait in their vehicle or outside the office if possible.The reception room has been reorganized to have chairs 6 feet apart to be used when necessary.

  1. Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In addition to the standard gloves and protective eyewear, office members will be wearing:

-appropriate masks/respirators including properly ‘fit tested’ and ‘NIOSH approved’ n95 masks
-full face shields
-surgical gowns for aerosol generating procedures

Plexiglass shields at the reception area

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will be made available throughout the office, and you will be asked to use it when you enter the office.

  1. A streamlined check-in and check-out process

Simply call us when you have arrived at the office and wait until we respond directly with you.Once asked to enter the office reception area you will be greeted by one of our team members who will check your temperature with a touchless thermometer.

To check-out, we will either coordinate follow-up care appointments, payments, and financial arrangements prior to your visit with us, or at the front desk area when social distancing can be met.