What Sets Us Apart

Conservative, Gentle Care for Your Family’s Smiles

The best dental experiences, the strongest results, and the happiest patients all start with compassionate, advanced care. Dr. Erwin Yeh and his dental team want you to achieve your best oral health for a lifetime of wonderful smiles. We’re here to serve you, and strive to exceed your expectations for leading-edge, comfortable treatment that delivers results you love!

Patient-Centered Dentistry

At Erwin Yeh, DDS & Associates we practice patient-centered dentistry. That means we make you our priority. This is not an assembly-line office; instead, we schedule plenty of time for your visits, fully explain every procedure, and walk you through the care options. You’ll always be fully informed of what will happen, receive gentle treatment, and be cared for with respect and honesty.

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you by educating you about your oral health and empowering you to take control of your smile’s health. There is a strong connection between the health of your mouth and that of your body: What happens in one affects the other. We want you to have optimal dental and overall health, for the best quality of life!

Your Comfort

Dr. Yeh and his team members know some people have had negative dental experiences and may worry about seeking dental care. We are here to help, not judge. We’ll always listen to your concerns and work with you to overcome your fears. Today’s advanced dentistry means we provide painless, comfortable care that we know will have you smiling!

Starting with our welcoming front desk staff, who will always greet you by name and with genuine smiles to our inviting reception area, we’ve designed a practice where you’ll feel at home. Our treatment chairs are comfortable, and we offer memory foam pillows for your head and neck, along with your back and knees. You’ll feel relaxed and safe throughout the process!

Surgically Clean Air JADE Air Purifying units have been strategically placed in all operatories and the office common space.  These world class medical grade air purifiers remove Chemicals, Toxins, Germs, Odors and most importantly they kill airborne Viruses to help reduce the spread of illness.

Quality Dentistry and Attentive Customer Care

You and your family deserve the highest quality of clinical care. Dr. Yeh and his team members stay current on advances in dentistry through continuing education. This ensures that we provide the best treatments through leading-edge technology and techniques. Dr. Yeh focuses on preventive care, so you can keep your teeth healthy for life. When more treatment is needed, he recommends a conservative approach that delivers the strongest results.

You also deserve customer care that has you smiling. Whether you need appointment times that fit with your busy life, assistance with paperwork, or some reassurance and encouragement about a procedure, we’re here and want to help. Please talk with us about what you desire: We want you to look forward to seeing us!

Schedule Your Visit

We are located in Berkeley, CA. Everyone here looks forward to meeting you, learning about your dental dreams, and helping you achieve a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Call and schedule a visit today!